About NL Media

NL MEDIA is the brain child of Ricardo Correia. If the goal was to create an agency that would be able to cater to its clients on a personal level, yet simultaneously be large enough to have the ability to handle any and all requests from our clients no matter what advertising medium they chose to engage their customers in.

We accomplish this by having in-house artistic and campaign managing teams which directly assist our clients with their campaign outlines and strategies.   The in-house team consists of talented professional designers, and advertising strategists with marketing experience that are extremely passionate about what they do.  These individuals draw up the campaign blueprints with you and when the ideal strategy has been chosen we carefully select from our artist network the right people to handle the campaign.

By working closely with dozens of artists, copywriters, and web designers, each with their own niche and appropriate skill-set within the industry we avoid limiting you to the creative abilities of just a few people that most agencies usually assign to a project.

“The big advertising firm of the 1960’s is dead, it’s time to take a step back and bring the personal business to business relationship back into the equation” -Fast Company Magazine